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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keystone presents MGM Stars and Studios (1927) Lost Film?

An owner of a 16mm copy of this is searching to see if the film exists- I AM VERY PROUD to feature his filmclip here.

Please visit my webpage on silent film: Lost Film, Found Magazines to read on what lost films are and how they are part of silent film collecting.

Silent Film

Friday, August 10, 2012

CBS Radio Mystery Theater The Aaron Burr Murder Case CBS Radio Mystery Theater The Aaron Burr Murder Case.mp3

We visited The Paul Revere House in Boston, near Boston Harbor, to begin the weekend Thursday. The museum itself is small, inexpensive, partially self-guided, and more than worthwhile for anyone looking for a quiet but exciting afternoon. There is pirate tresure, two angels, held in The Old North Church; they were confiscated by a pirate that later donated them to the church altar, but tonight I looked for a CBS Mystery Theater concerning the Revolutionary War. This one at the above link is about the Hamilton-Burr duel. Apparently, as I listen, Aaron Burr visits from the beyond during a re-enactment during the filming of a movie.

Scott Lord