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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Scott Lord: The beautiful Marion Marsh in Svengali (Mayo)

About The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the discussion we had but didn't have.

Which may have been the discussion. First off, I haven't finished reviewing it yet because it is theatrical and might be more than a film, like a virutual reality prototype or an art installation- but I may have left a message on the guestbook. Secondly, I'm a gymp, and couldn't finish my lift, so I walked off early tonight- but the weights pretty high: still 200lbs on the vertical chest, but beginning reps higher at 160. I upped the curl to 160 by beginning reps higher; 25 reps on the abdomen at 240lbs- my eyes went on me, but not severe-Therefore- your'e beautiful. And-
A poem right now would be excruciating- and if you were to, is the poem about three different women with multiple symbols, I don't mind telling you at all who I'm thinking about, having spent a day thinking about the first two before now taking the three in stride and into account.
Whatever conversation we may or may not have needed to have yesterday: I could have made a poetry reading tonight, things here can get tight, whereever you hang out while I'm at them, including going with me. Tight being before it was a little glare, now I can't take it without someone sitting in a rocking chair, doing knitting.

Scott Lord

ps. If you read the older entries and find out I asked a college girl to go to a movie, I've seen her since. She got odd, that's all, instead of trying to "suck face" everytime, we used to call it "skull fuck", she got serious, and now she just stares a little blank, like it was good I finally asked but she can't believe I did. So I causally acted like it was just a date and I'm glad I asked rather than the usual trying softly to lead into it untill I was whispering down her bra. She was a little wide eyed and didn't say anything, so I skipped my usually asking her how she was. That and nothing more. I wanted to cream her and I like how it ended- my being older (and treated a little as being a little distinguished, albeit within this singular realm). She acted quietly with a different beam, I'm even more fascinated. A beam, but just into blank. Under twenty five as far as I know, give it twenty three-twenty four at the most.
Yesterday; we don't know what happened-it could have been yesterday.

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